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Introduction -

The placement Cell of GSB’S Smt. Surajba college of Education is a dynamic cell with Dr. Ratnaprabha Rajmane, Principal, Dr Judy Grace Andrews and Ms. Priti S. Chandorkar as the members of the committee. There were on campus and off campus interviews held through the cell for the B. Ed students. The members of the committee plan every year the dates and invite all the Institutions- Schools , Junior Colleges and NGO.s - who wish to carry out their Interviews through placement cell, either through on Campus or off Campus. The cell has been functioning well for the last 10yrs.The cell also has a database right from 2005.

Functions of the Placement cell at GSB:

The placement cell at Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan Smt. Surajba College of Education goes through a rigorous process. The Cell Members take initiatives to get in contact with many schools. The letters for on Campus Interviews are scrutinized and the dates for the Campus Interviews are given to the schools. Prior to the Interviews, the students are oriented on ‘How to Face the Interviews?’ also the Interview a schedule is placed weeks before the Interviews so as to help the students prepare well. A model resume is put up on the Notice Board for the students.

On Campus Interviews:

On Campus Interviews take place on the scheduled dates. After the Interview, the Schools send their short listed names to the cell. The students are given the intimation immediately. Then they prepare for the demo. The cell takes initiatives to guide them in their endeavor. The different method masters are requested to give guidance for the demo lessons. A recommendation letter from the Principal is given to all the students who wish to appear for Interviews.

Off Campus Interviews:

All the letters for off Campus interviews are displayed on the Student Notice Board. The students who are interested to face interviews are oriented well and sent to different institutions. The correspondence with regard to date of Interview and demo are intimated immediately to the students. All the information are displayed time to time on the College Notice Board

Report of 2013-14:

This year many institutions approached us as early as November 2013. The committee planed and scheduled the interviews in March. Some of the Institutions who came for On Campus Interview are

  • Podar Education
  • India First Foundation
  • Kumon Inernational
  • Assema- (NGO)
  • I. J. Patel School
  • Some of the Institutions who held Off Campus Interviews for the year 2013-2014 are as follows:

  • Cosmopolitan Education
  • Kamala Devi High School
  • Madav Rao Bhagavat
  • New Era English School
  • National High School
  • Orion
  • Sacred Heart
  • Udayachal
  • Prior to Interview as every year this year also the students were Oriented through special lecture cum discussion on ‘How to face an Interview?”. Also a model resume was placed on the Students’ Notice Board. Many students expressed their gratitude with regard to this session as it helped them to face interviews with greater confidence.

    This year more than 50% of the students are already placed at different schools through the placement cell.

    Dr. Judy Grace Andrews (Reader)
    Ms. Priti Chandorker (Asst.Prof)

    Dr. Ratnaprabha N Rajmane