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Inception : 2nd October, 1969



Smt. Surajba College of Education      


The College of Education, situated on the Juhu Campus of the Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan, is a teacher training institution with a sanctioned intake of eighty teacher trainees for a post-graduate courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Education, The B.Ed. Course is implemented under a number of strands that reflect the nature of a teacher trained to undertake teaching in Secondary Schools situated in the Indian social background.

Knowledge and Understanding

It provides intellectually rigorous study of educational processes and the social, cultural and historical context in which they are embedded. The students will have opportunities to engage in different perspectives and to evaluate aims and values, means and ends and validity of educational issues under study. The degree programme should enable students to demonstrate that they acquired an ability to understand theoretical knowledge about,

• Processes of learning including key Philosophies and their influence on educational practices.
• Relevant social, cultural, linguistic aspects of education, politics and educational policies,    moral, religious and philosophical underpinning of education.
• Formal, Non-Formal and Informal contexts of learning.

Transferable skills :

The course aims at developing abilities to
• Communicate and present oral and written arguments
• Use modern and traditional communication and information technologies
• Interpret and evaluate statistical information
• Develop interpersonal skills, share common goals and work with others as a member of team
• Improve their performance through self study, research and exposure to expert views on    issues related to education and society
• Analyse, synthesise, identify and evaluate problems and solution


The course aims at attitudinal reorientation of student to inculcate
• Firm belief in Gandhian value system of non-violence, truth, compassion, dignity of labour,    simple living and sharing resources with fellow beings.
• Life long learning
• Aesthetic use of environment and its presentation
• Recognise that every child is an individual and hence has special educational needs of his own
• Understand the democratic and secular fabric of Indian Society


The course aims at making students aware of the social context of the learner and motivates them to
• Adopt teaching strategies suitable to the social environment the learner comes from
• Utilise social environment beneficially for the learning process
• Identify and evaluate social problems and provide solution to the best of their abilities

Special Features

• Deeply rooted Gandhian philosophy weaved with aesthetic approach of Ravindranath Tagore
• Community centred education
• Strees on holistic education
• All round development of teacher students
• Bench markers for self learning
• Innovation in teaching learning practices
• Emphasis on reflection, feeling and doing
• Dedicated team of teachers
• Endowed with natural & beautiful campus
• Recognised in country for its dedicated pursuit of Gandhian principles and their application to    higher education


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